May 2, 2013

Dyer Street School in Training

Commenced 26th March 2013.  Dyer Street School are storming through their classes to become computer savvy users.  They struggled at first to fill their allocated numbers, but once the families of the school were better informed of the programme, they were all keen to begin.
Dyer Street School has been in training for 6 weeks for class 1 and 5 weeks for class 2.
Kristine Saunders has been teaching the class at a rate that is not intimidating to the participants.  We have a mixture of race, gender and age group within the classes as well as comedians.  Kristine had one aunty (who looks after a child 50% of the time as her mother is on evening shift work), when she was handed a task - typing out a cookie recipe, she said to Kristine "do you have anything harder then this?", coming from an aunty who had next to no skills in digital literacy.
We have others walking in saying "Kris, you know I only come to eat those yummy biscuits you bake for us aye?".
The sense of humour amongst these members is so catchy, I found myself giving them a ribing as well.
I look forward to when this school graduates which is:

Dyer Street School
Computers in Homes Graduating Parents Celebration
Venue:   Dyer Street School Hall
Date:      18th June 2013
Time:      6.00pm

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