November 28, 2012

Pomare School Intake 2 2012

Pomare School graduated 15 families.  We were fortunate enough to have Joris De Bres of Humans Rights and Race Relations attend.  We were welcomed by an island turou, which was prepared by Mama and the school tamariki.  It was the first time I had attended something like this.  Beautiful experience.  The graduation environment was filled with anxiousness and excitement.  I could not get enough of the whanau gratitude. The excitement of seeing their faces light up when they talk to their fellow class mates, the laughter in their eyes when they remember the funny experiences they had in class and the proudness they showed when receiving their certificates of achievement!!
These reports do not do the graduations I have been so blessed to experience any justice what so ever.
The speeches made by Fred and Sisa where heartwarming.  Fred spoke about the joys of learning and the camaraderie that flourished and openness to know “no question is a dumb question”, when speaking about safety and security on the internet a parent who is trying to log into her email account asks the class “does anyone know my password??”.  We all had to laugh at the irony.  Sisa’s speech brought tears to the 2020 Communications Trust as she grasped exactly why we do the mahi that we do.  I am in the process of gaining her speech so that I may share with everyone.

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