November 27, 2012

Koraunui School 2012-2013

Koraunui School based in Stokes Valley is a school which merged with Kamahi School and Stokes Valley School which merged to become the school it is.

I met with Barbara Hay to speak about the Computers In Homes Programme and what benefits this can have for both the whanau and the school.

She was very interested in having Computers In Homes provided in the school and even had a good 70 families off the top of her head which would qualify from this programme.

I then organised a hui with the staff and enrolled them in the possibilities Computers In Homes can create for the whanau.  They were all for the kaupapa and wanted to get this started as soon as possible.

The 15 allocated numbers for Koraunui School was filled within the first week the newsletter went out to families with an extra 14 on the waiting list.

They graduated their 17 parents on the 27th September 2012.
The graduation was a wonderful celebration with the school kapa haka and pacifika group performing.  They welcomed Joris De Bres (Humans Rights Relations Commissioner), Laurence Millar (2020 Communications Trust)

Koraunui School Computers in Homes parents graduated with so much pride and mana.  It was such an amazing thing to watch as these parents stood up to collect their tohu and have their children screaming out "Goooo mummy!!!"

Ka pai Koraunui School Computers in Homes whanau for taking the challenge to increase your knowledge and your child's knowledge of the digital world.

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