November 27, 2012

CiH DVD Launch featuring Petone Central School

This was a huge success.  We had our honoured guest Mayor Ray Wallace attend, as well as Margaret Willard (Wainuiomata Council), Loudeen Parsens (Family Centre Lower Hutt), Iosua Esera (Petone Central Principal) and Petone Central CIH Parents and children.
The families who attended were in awe watching themselves up on a big screen.  To recapture a happy learning space for them was a great reminiscing moment they will never forget.  The children were excited when they saw their mum or nan on the screen.  Each family receive a copy of the DVD as a gift and a thank you.
The theatre did the DVD a lot of justice in which the Mayor and councillor want to organise a Hui and invite all my scoping schools to the Hui and show snippets of the DVD.  The date has yet to be finalised, however I will be inviting guest speakers Di Daniels (CIH National Coordinator), Chris Worsely (Pomare School CIH Principal and Wellington SG Committee member), Barbara Hay (Koraunui School CIH Principal) and Briar Mita (previous CIH Parent and now Hutt Valley Basic Steps Tutor) to speak about their experience and views of the CIH programme.

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