August 23, 2012

Taita College Graduation

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Taita College Graduated 12 parents.  These parents grew very fond of their tutor Patrick Harlow who is also HOD of Computing for Taita College.  He was an amazing tutor who connected well with these parents which made their lead back into education an enjoyable one.

We were fortunate enough to have 2 ministers:
Honourable Jo Goodhew                                              Honourable Tariana Turia 
Minister of Volutary and Community Sector      Minister of Whanau-Ora

We were also fortunate to have such wonderful students with beautiful faces and voices who entertained us with their lovely rendition of the school waiata and a samoan song.

One of the most amazing opportunities have been offered to the participants.  Patrick has offered to help them complete their NCEA for computing!!!  They can complete this all online and he has offered to open up a time for them after school hours to help them with any queries.

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