May 15, 2012


14th May 2012

Under a new agreement, Transpower now provides retired IT stock to Remarkit  to refurbish. Any equipment that cannot be refurbished is recycled. Useable equipment is onsold to the public or Transpower staff via a staff portal, and proportion is provided free to community groups, with the main donation going to CIH.
·         The handover of laptops from Transpower, Remarkit to Computers in Homes scheduled for   this coming Monday afternoon will be the first batch of refurbished laptops donated from Transpower to Computers In Homes (CIH)  Ten laptops are to be provided to CIH to be used by the Coordinator for Wellington/Hutt Valley.  The laptops will form a mobile pod, to be used for training purposes for the various CIH school courses, the first starting at Taita’s Pomare Primary School.   (Di can provide more detail)
·         Anna Ririnui, Transpower’s Manager Community and Corporate Responsibility, “We’re really happy to support such a successful and valuable programme”.

From back:
Tim Findlay (RemarkIT Director), Anna Ririnui (Transpower Manager Community and Corporate Responsibility), Chris Worsley (Principal Pomare School), John Tiaki (CIH Tutor), Di Daniels (CIH National Coordinator) and Cr Gwen McDonald (Northern WardHutt City Council) 

 From left:
Laurence Zwimpfer ( 2020 Communications Trust), Di Daniels (CIH National Coordinator), Tim Findlay (RemarkIT Director) Anna Ririnui (Transpower), Jan (Transpower)

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