May 24, 2015

Schools in Training

We have started Term 2 off with a great big roar in the Wellington CBD.  We have 4 schools who have begun their classes:
St Anne's School
Newtown School
Berhampore School
Holy Cross School

We have worked with the school to provide interpreters for the participants.  This has helped the learners immensely, but the greatest outcome I have seen so far are 3 families who have their children also attending the sessions to translate for them.  These children would approach me during the session when the father or mother was unsure of the internet information.  The enthusiasm these children displayed to have their parents become better informed is something you will never see without being on the ground level with these families.

All the schools will be graduating towards the end of term 2.  I wish all my families luck during their study and I will be visiting their programmes during the half way point.

Below are some photos of the families who attended the Computers in Homes Whanau Presentation

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