November 24, 2011


We are looking forward to setting the Computers In Homes Programme at Berhampore School.
Alot of low decile schools who are based near major cities or universities, seem to fall into the pockets where they are not seen or heard.  A great example is Berhampore School as this school is based within the vicinity of Wellington City and Universities.
Mark Potter - (Principal of Berhampore School) has been fortunate enough to have spoken with the National Computers In Homes Coordinator Dianne Das where he learnt alot about Computers In Homes thus leading to the commencement of Computers In Homes which will begin in Term 1 2012 School Year.  
I have no doubt that these networks being formed, more schools or educational facilities who fall into these pockets will be showing more interest in this amazing opportunity.
Watch this space for photos and updated information.