November 25, 2011

Success Story

Success Story for Briar Kopa Computers In Homes

Kia ora,

My name is Briar Kopa and I originate from a little place called Matawaia – Kaikohe.  I moved down to Wellington in 2006 where I began working at the Stokes Valley Community House.  From there I became familiar with the community and joined the local Stokes Valley Women’s Rugby Team and the Stokes Valley Netball Team.  Through my bubbly approach to the community, I had been offered a job at the local Marae – Koraunui Marae, where I worked there for 4years and formed a wider profile for myself within the Hutt Valley NGO Community.

Koraunui Marae Manager Heneriata Gemmell has formed a close network with the local Primary Schools, more so Tui Glen School.
I was approached by the Principal of Tui Glen School to become the tutor of Computers In Homes.  I had no idea who or what Computers In Homes was, for me I thought “I’m going to Rarotonga at the end of the year, there goes some putia for my trip”.  I attended the whanau hui in which I met Di Das.  This is where I learnt Computers In Homes is an initiative that targets low decile communities with whanau without access to the internet.  My first thought was “Wow, what an awesome opportunity for these whanau… how can I hook on as a parent”.

Becoming a tutor for Computers In Homes reignited a passion to play an active role within the wider community.  Seeing how sharing my knowledge with a parent of a school and watching her face light up when she could move her mouse around the screen to select the startup menu was priceless.

I was then emailed the vacant position for the Wellington Regional Coordinator from Di Das and thought “this is the job for me!”  I emailed Di my interest, met Naiki (administrator at the time) and Barbara (20/20 Trust Member) and Di for my interview.  I was very nervous as this was my first professional interview but felt so passionate about the cause or initiative behind Computers In Homes whakaaroa and feel that is what pulled me through the interview.

So here I am, the new appointed Wellington Regional Coordinator for Computers In Homes.

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