February 20, 2012

First Session: 3.30pm - 5.30pm every Tuesday
Second Session: 6.00pm - 8.00pm every Tuesday
School Champion: Iosua Esera - Principal
Tutor:  Briar Kopa
Technician: Peter Wright

Petone Central whanau commenced their Computers In Homes Programme on 17th February 2012.
The first class was a great success with 7 whanau members participating.

Not only did the whanau learn something new within the programme, they learnt something new about the members within the programme through an Ice Breaker Task.

The parents felt comfortable to bring their tamariki as some were unable to find care for them.  As you can see below, the parents were working busy through the training manual while the tamariki were outside interacting.  When the parents took a small coffee break, the tamariki then ran to the computer where they displayed outrageous talent in social networking and online gaming sites.

Tony, Deanna and Kathryn working together to change their screen display
Juanita commencing a Paintshop exercise
Star, Melissa and Jackie all working on the screen display exercise
The tamariki are just getting to know one another as I have my tamariki there to enjoy the beautiful sun and to interact with tamariki from different schools

The tamariki enjoying the beautiful day while their parents are inside learning more information on ICT
Michelle completing her Paintshop exercise

Kim is familiarising herself with the functionality of the computers
Tamariki enjoying leisure time on the computer while their parents are on their evening break

Unfortunately the 2nd class was not as full as the first, however I am in close contact with Iosua so that we can communicate freely with the absent whanau.
All in all, it was an awesome 1st Session with a parent who did not want to leave :-).

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